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Solar Glazing and Panels
Sun-Lite® Glazing Material
Sun-Lite® Prefab Glazing Panels
Sun-Lite® Shoji Panels
Aerogel® Super Insulated Skylights
Vinyl Pane 8 mil Window Material

Greenhouses and Solariums
Build Your Own Solar Room
Greenhouse Coverings

Solar Storage
Thermal Storage Tubes

Solar Hot Water Heating
SOL 27 Solar Collector
Solar Storage Tanks
Complete System Packages
Differential Controls

Solar Air Heating
Sun-Lite® Solar Airheater Kit
Build Your Own Airheater

Window Insulation and Shading
Warm Window Roman Shade System
Window Shading

Fans and Controls
Fans, Blowers, Thermostats 

Discontinued Items

Solar Pool Heaters

Misc. Related Products
Solar Gardening

Aerogel For Sale 


Welcome to Solar Components. For over 30 years we have offered a diverse range of products which include passive solar heating equipment, greenhouse kits, greenhouse glazing, solar water heaters, solar electric products, insulating quilts and much more. We also manufacture a proprietary line of Translucent Fiberglass Aquaculture Tanks, Biofilters and Protein Skimmers for the aquaculture industry.

Salt Lake City Residence Discovers the Advantages of the Solar Storage Tube






Read the article in January/February 2014 Garden & Greenhouse Magazine


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