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Goldline GL-30 Differential Control #16760

The GL-30 is the newest generation of solar differential controllers. It is field adjustable, accepts 115 VAC or 220 VAC. Hardwire.

Key Features

  • Adjustable "on" differential (8 to +25 degrees F)
  • Adjustable high limit shut-off (105 to 212 degrees F or of
    is standard equipment
  • Provides 24 VAC power
  • UL Listed
  • E.S.D., E.M.I., and R.F.I. protected
  • Utilizes 10K ohm sensors
  • For all Closed Loop, Open Loop, Drain Back, Drain Down, and Air systems.

Download the GL-30 Manual



Goldline GL-30-LCO  Differential Control #16762

Same as GL-30 above but with line cord and outlet for pump or fan.



SB Sensor #08550

10K sensor for use with Goldline GL-30 control above. Flexible copper for bolt on or strap on installation.

$ 15.00



Stiebel-Eltron SOM 6 Plus Differential Control #14499

The Stiebel-Eltron SOM 6 controller for standard solar thermal systems. The SOM 6 controller provides a clear operating concept and is equipped with the newly developed illuminated combined display with system-monitoring. Flashing symbols for sensors, pumps and valves enable an immediate allocation of temperatures, temperature differences and active actuators.

  • Illuminated system-monitoring-display
  • Includes 2 temperature sensors
  • Function control

Download the SOM 6 Plus Manual