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Warm Window® Insulated Shade System

Shades for Comfort and Savings

Warm Window shades combine fashion and function while considering your needs for comfort, style and energy savings. These insulating curtains dramatically reduce heat loss through windows making any room comfortable and cozy all year long.

When closed, Warm Window insulating shades darken rooms during the day making any room ideal for daytime sleeping. The insulating capacity also reduces noise pollution from outside sources.

You can combine Warm Window with a decorator cover fabric to compliment, contrast or match your decor.

Whether you prefer the crisp tailored look of a Roman shade or the easy operation of a side-draw shade, Warm Window insulating shades will enhance the appearance of any room. Your decorating possibilities multiply by adding other window treatments such as draperies, cornices, valances, swags or shutters.

Your windows are usually responsible for the greatest amount of heat loss in your home-even if you have storm windows or the newer dual pane thermal windows. As a result the window covering you choose has a tremendous impact on energy consumption. The unique Warm Window insulated curtain system dramatically increases the R-value of your windows and makes your home more comfortable in any climate any time of year. These shades reduce heat loss through windows by more than 80% in the winter and reduces solar heat gain in the summer by up to 79%. You save on expensive heating and cooling costs while saving energy beautifully.

How It Works

The Warm Window System
The Warm Window fabric consists of four layers of different fabric quilted together in 4"-wide lengthwise channels designed to reduce the flow of energy through your window glass. The layers are:
  • Lining with fabric protector
  • High density needled holo fibers
  • Reflective polyethylene moisture vapor barrier
  • Metallized mylar with air-trapping fibers
You will cover the side of your Warm Window shade that faces the room with a decorative fabric of your choice. Choose a cover fabric that is tightly woven, of light to medium weight, and made of cotton or a cotton/polyester blend. Fabrics with fabric protector are an excellent choice for window coverings. Avoid highly textured or pile fabrics and loosely woven or stretch fabrics. You should also avoid fabrics with horizontal stripes as they may interfere visually with the folds in the shade.

The system is complete with a hook and loop  seal achieved from sewing Velcro® strips to the seams of the shade and affixing Velcro® to the window frame or wall.

How does this system work?
Warm Window insulated shades are carefully engineered to combat all four major causes of heat loss.
  1. Conduction is reduced by trapped air spaces between the fibers and layers of insulated fabric.
  2. Infiltration is reduced by the impervious polyethylene and tight hook and loop edge seal.
  3. Convection is reduced by the hook and loop edge seal.
  4. Radiation is reduced by the reflective mylar which reflects radiant heat back into your home and also reflects away solar gain in summer.
What is the R-Value
The effectiveness of any material in preventing energy from flowing through it is defined in terms of R-value. The higher the R-value of a given material, the greater its insulating capacity. This chart illustrates some R-value comparisons.

Weight Bar A 3/8" diameter round or oval, steel or aluminum weight bar is required at the bottom of the shade to give it rigid stability. The Warm Window weight bar consists of pipe sections and rods that slip inside the pipe. You can join sections of the weight bar by staggering the joints of each pipe and rod.

The only items you need to complete assembly are Warm Window fabric, decorative cover fabric, and hook and loop tape.
Side-Draw Track Kit The perfect solution for patio doors. This unique track system permits Warm Window insulating drapes to be fabricated and installed vertically like a drapery. The specialized track has a magnetic face that creates a seal at the top of the shade. Each kit contains:
  • 2 tracks each 54" long
  • 14 sliding snap carriers
  • 4 end caps
  • 7/8" nylon snap tape 112" long
  • 30" drapery wand
  • 1 plastic connector
  • 2 blocking screws

5 NEW Cordless Warm Window Insulated Shades & Draperies!

The Basic Warm Window Shade The Smock
The Butterfly & Stagecoach The Tab
The Sidedraw Skylight Instructions

Watch as Pam Damour, The Decorating Diva, takes you through the steps to make a beautiful Warm Window Basic Shade, Stagecoach and Butterfly Shade by simply clicking on the videos below.




Click Here For Instructions On How To Make A Warm Window Sidedraw Insulating Shade.

Warm Window Price List

Description Prod. # Price  
54" Wide Warm Window Material linear yard 07804 $25.00
54" Wide Warm Window Material          Full 15 yard bolt 07802 299.00
3/4"" Wide Hook & Loop Combination  White 25' Long



3/4"" Wide Hook & Loop Combination  White 50' Long



3/4" Wide Hook & Loop Combination  White 75' Long



Steam-A-Seam 1/2" x 20yd. roll 07822 $ 3.39
Warm Window Instructional Video 07900 $ 9.95

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