That would be the turn-of-the-21st-century home and studio of Tom Wedell and Nancy Skolos in Canton, Massachusetts. This husband-and-wife team of graphic designers love modern design and now, too, the Kalwall translucent panels that shower daylight throughout their nearly 4,000-square-foot home and studio. Artist, interior designer and resident Wedell collaborated with architect Mark Hutker, AIA, and Jon McKee, AIA, of Symmes Maini & McKee, to create a sleek, modern home and studio that Architectural Record called a �Zen oasis.�

Wedell and Skolos had never heard of Kalwall when they saw it from the interstate driving by the University of Southern Maine in Portland; then and there, they both knew they had to have it. Today, their home and studio space glows with natural daylight, even on the cloudiest days. �Now that we work and live with Kalwall,� says Skolos, �we can�t imagine life without it.�

�The nature of our work is photo/graphic; the challenge was to capture the essence of light in space. Materials were carefully researched and selected to transmit and contain light.�

The Boston Society of Architects (BSA) recognized the Skolos/Wedell residence with a prestigious 2003 Honor Award for Design Excellence.

On an interior, inner wall, Kalwall also serves to screen a library, studio vestibule and one of two dining areas from Wedell and Skolos� studio space.

Skolos/Wedell Residence and Studio
Architect: Mark Hutker and Associates Architects with Jon McKee, AIA
Photos courtesy of Skolos/Wedell

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Kalwall daylights the open-concept living, dining and kitchen section of the home. The translucent panels, in combination with glass windows, block less desirable outdoor views while focusing attention on carefully composed vistas of the landscaped grounds and the sky above them. According to Tom Wedell, the glare-free, balanced daylight is a joy to live and work in.

�The Kalwall panels act as a mediator between the ambient and outside light,� explains Skolos. �The resulting glowing panels add another dimension to the architecture � beyond shelter and space to energy and even joy.�

To maximize Kalwall�s daylighting properties, the footprint of the residence runs along a north/south axis. As the day progresses, controlled sunlight enters one area after another in the same sequence that Wedell and Skolos occupy them.


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