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Solarway 6000
Solar Airheater

Save money on your energy bills while helping save the earth's energy supply.


  • Costs $2,260 (includes panel, fan, box, filter, controls and insulated duct on back)
  • Qualifies for 30% Federal Tax Credit 
  • Galvanized sheet metal frame
  • Uses 2" thick non-metallic solar absorber
  • 4 feet x 8 feet in size
  • Weighs approximately 110 pounds
  • Has 4" size ducts and a blower to circulate heated air into your house
  • Collector output is approximately 6000 BTU/hour in bright sunlight


Solarway 6000 uses the sun's energy

The sun's energy is clean, abundant, widespread and renewable. As it shines throught the Solarway 6000 panel, air from your home is heated. A built-in fan returns the air with a temperature increase of as much as 70 degrees.

It is simple - every gallon of fuel saved is one less gallon you have to pay for. And, one less gallon taken from the earth and burned to pollute the enviroment.

Plus solar energy has a wonderful potential benefit to our nation by diversifying our energy supply, reducing dependence on imported fuels, and improving the quality of the air we breath.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. Where should a Solarway 6000 be installed on my home?
The best place is attached to your house facing south, where the sun will shine on it from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., the maximum solar harvesting hours. But it can be faced east or west with some limitations on heat harvesting. Solar panels may also be roof mounted or mounted in a free standing frame out in the yard.

Q. How is a Solarway 6000 installed?
The Solarway 6000 comes with complete instructions. It is easily owner installed with ordinary tools, and requires minimal maintenance.

Q. How soon will I get a return on my investment in fuel saving?
Seasonal savings are difficult to calculate since each installation can be different. A properly installed Solarway 6000 will have a payback of about 7 years. Additionally, a Solarway 6000 can add to the resale value of your home.

Q. How much of my house can I heat with the Solarway 6000?
In our demonstration house one Solarway 6000 supplies all the heat for a 12' x 15' room. If every homeowner used just one, it would create a large savings of our earth's energy. An array of heaters can be installed to provide more heat. However, we wouldn't recommend trying to heat more than 50% of your house with solar heating.

Q. Will a Solarway 6000 heat my water for washing, bathing, etc.?
A heat exchanger coil may be added at $500 to $1000 cost to help heat the water tank.

Solarway 6000 Solar Airheater - $2,260.00 (call Ron Anderson at 218-384-3158 for freight quote. FOB Minnesota.)

Solarway 6000 Panel Only - $985.00