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SBB...Plus Solar Hot Water Storage Tank

Harvest The Power Of The Sun

  • Low standby loss due to 3" foam insulation

  • Heavy steel with double glass line coating

  • Replaceable sacrificial anode rod

  • Superb quality results in long service

  • Equiped with two heat exchangers with a large surface area

  • Well for sensor used in conjunction with solar differential controller


Shown is our solar water heater made of heavy gauge steel. It incorporates an upper and a lower glass lined coil type heat exchanger, also made of steel. The tank has a well for a temperature sensing probe.

The upper heat exchanger coil is designed to be linked to a hydronic boiler. The lower coil is to be connected to the solar panels.


SB 200 S                           

SBB 300 Plus

SBB 400 Plus

Storage Capacity

52 gallons

80.6 gallons

108.6 gallons

Volume of top heat exchanger


1.9 gallons

2.2 gallons

Volume of bottom heat exchanger

2.7 gallons

2.7 gallons

2.9 gallons

Working pressure

145 PSI

145 PSI

145 PSI

Tested to pressure

217 PSI

217 PSI

217 PSI

Max. pressure of boiler loop

150 PSI

150 PSI

150 PSI

Max. temperature solar loop

203° F

203° F

203° F

Max. temperature boiler loop

203° F

203° F

203° F

Surface area top heat exchanger


1705 sq. inch

2015 sq. inch

Surface area bottom heat exchanger

1742 sq. inch

2325 sq. inch

2635 sq. inch

Tank weight empty

226 lbs.

339 lbs.

412 lbs.

Tank weight Full

658 lbs.

1,051 lbs

1,362 lbs

Standby losses in 24 hours 1.3 Kwh

1.9 Kwh

2.2 Kwh

Height w/ insulation

62.75 inches

66.1 inches

72.7 inches

Width w/ insulation

20.5 inches

27.55 inches

29.52 inches

Cold / hot water connections - 1" copper pipe with adapters. Adapters provided with unit.

SB 200 S Solar Hot Water Storage Tank_____$1,030.00  call for freight quote. (603) 668-8186

SBB 300 Plus Solar Hot Water Storage Tank_____$1,785.00  call for freight quote. (603) 668-8186

SBB 400 Plus Solar Hot Water Storage Tank_____$1,890.00 call for freight quote. (603) 668-8186